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Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the 61st A.H.C. and Detachments

Dedicated to the 61st AHC, 616th Transportation, 922nd Signal, 193rd Medical Detachments, 364th Aviation Support Detachment (ATC), and our aviators and crews whose lives were lost for our country and Allied Forces.

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BREAKING NEWS - "Lucky Star" call-sign and unit crest re-activated

E Company, 1st Aviation Battalion, 212th Aviation Regiment will begin using the "Lucky Star" call sign and unit crest after 14 December 2018. E Company (Blackhawk helicopters), according Echo's Training Officer CWO3 Mark Jordan, held a two month long search for Vietnam War era call signs and unit crests for their current use. The field was narrowed to five and a final vote by E Company and other 1st A.B. members selected "Lucky Star" as the new call sign and unit crest for E Company. A 14 December 2018 ceremony with former 61st A.H.C. members transfering the call sign and unit crest to E Company for it's current use. This is a very proud moment for the 61st A.H.C. soldiers and in Army aviation history! The helicopter #624 operated by the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation asked to perform a fly over.

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The 61st Post Exchange

T-Shirts, Coffee Cups, and Baseball Caps!

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    61st KIA Tribute & Name List for Our Brothers Who Died In Service Project - open 2017-22 or until completed

    A tribute brick array will cap the 1st Aviation Brigade array and be surrounded by 61stindividual bricks. This also is a great way to support AAMF and give a lasting memory of those men who died in service with the 61st AHC. See Contact information below for more information.

    61st Border Bricks 2017-22 Ordering Ready

    The AAMF will leave about three rows of bricks around the 61st Aviation Dedication or re-set bricks for us through the end of 2022. The 61st set an example for other units who have followed with their brick groupings. This is a wonderful time to support the AAMF with your brick order. Please print the order form found below to reserve your brick placement in our grouping. A "Buddy-UP" brick can accomodate 2-3 names sharing one brick. The cost is $50 and $75 shared with your buddy. See Contact below to arrange your Buddy-UP brick with Gordon. This is a beautiful and lasting entry to the Army Aviation Museum.

    "61st A.H.C. BORDER bricks application

    The Fort Rucker 2016 Veterans Day

    The 1st Aviation Brigade's Vietnam War Memorial brick array was dedicated by about 40 61stveterans and spouses. The commanding general announced our group to a resounding applause!

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