61st Assault Helicopter Company

Crash Grid Map

John Lane's Crash Grid Map from 1971-72. The only touch up done to the map is the lettering for the LZ's which had faded to almost unreadable. The large spot for the LZ's location has not been touched at all.

map 1 map 2 map 3 map 4 map 5
Shenendoah, Geronimo, Hunky, Santana, Mahoney,Tom Shenendoah, Hunky, Tape, Mustag, Bear, Lisa, Stinger Powder, Lisa, Bear, Tape, Mustag Kelly, Tom, North English, LZ English, Monster Mtn., Two Bits Laramie, Kelly, Beaver, Willie, Two Bits, Frost
map 6 map 7 map 8 map 9 map 10
Frost, Beaver, Willie, Corrigidor Two Bits, Lo Dieu, Tiger Mtns, Roxanna, Hawks Nest, Ollie Frost, Two Bits, Orange, Abby, Pony Ollie, Salem, Salem Lake, Sparrows Nest, Uplift, Nui Mieu Mtns, Courage Pony, Abby, Cresent Mtns, 506 Valley, Crows Foot
map 11 map 12 map 13 map 14 map 15
Challenge, Abby, Crows Foot, Mohawk, Carol Uplift, Courage, Litts Litts, Phu My, Crystal, Moon Carol, Oregon Trail, Vinh Thauh (Hard Times), Happy Valley Moon, Jenny, Hammond, Mars, Phu Cat Mtns.