61st Assault Helicopter Company

Mini Reunion Denver, CO July 2001

During the 2001 VHPA Reunion held in Denver, CO. during the week of July 4th, the following members of the 61st were at the reunion. A 61st Mini Reunion was held on July 4, not all members that were at the VHPA Reunion were able to make the mini.

Doyle (Pappy) Earls was unable to make it to Denver, but did call and talked to a number of people during the mini reunion.

Jim Beach   Cray Hays   Mel Gingery   Joe Musso   Mike Bongart   Dan Hackerman
Ross Russell   Ed Canright   Mike Newland   Jerry Feldman   Ken Hebrank   Ken Embers
Barry Witt   Jerry Gray   Bob Hutchison   Fred Giles   Jim Wittman   Mike Baskin
Wayne Henning   Mike Rynerson   Dave Greer   Mike Conway   Doyle Earls    

As with last year not all the members were at the mini reunion when the group photo was taken, but most were.

Left to Right
Front Row: Jim Beach, Fred Giles, Jerry Feldman, Jim Wittman, Ross Russell
Back Row: Cary Hays, Wayne Henning, Mel Gingery, Mike Baskin, Mike Newland, Joe Musso, Ken Hebrank, Ed Canright, Jerry Gray

Left to Right: Dan Hackerman, Cary Hays, Ross Russell

Left to Right: Dan Hackerman, Mike Bongart, Ed Canright talking to Doyle (Pappy) Earls

A good time was had by all, many stories told, Jerry Gray brought his photo's taken while in the 61st. Bob Hutchison showed a film put together by Del Waugh's wife which was also shown last year . The mini reunion started at 1 PM and lasted well past 5:30, most everyone stayed for the whole time and enjoyed each others company. A lot of old friendships were renewed and a lot of new friends were made. It is hoped that next years reunion will bring even more members of the unit together.