61st Assault Helicopter Company

50 Year Anniversary T-Shirts

Lucky Star T-Shirt
Lucky Star T-Shirt Front

The "50 Year Anniversary" T-shirts are 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend with a front left pocket and the 61 patch top. Limited quantities and sizes are now available in aviation blue and tan (as shown above)with the 61st patch sown over the pocket (now available in L, XL, and 2XL sizes. Future lots will be ordered and printed with the 61st shield printed over the pocket, however, these special orders will delayed deliveries. The future orders may come in black, blue and tan; with the 61st shield printed over the pocket (not a sown on patch). The $30 price includes shipping. LAUNDRY NOTE: Turn T-shirts inside out when using machine washing.

61st Baseball Cap with choice of Lucky Star, Starblazer, or 61stst AHC patch.

The $30 price includes shipping. Deliveries will be delayed until minimum order quantities are reached. Delivery updates will be provided with your eamil address on the order form.

Starblazer Example
Starblazer Blue Cap Example