2004 Mini Reunion

                             The 61st AHC held a mini reunion conjunction with the VHPA Reunion in Dallas, TX. on 2 July at the Adams Mark Hotel. 


                            The following members attended the Mini Reunion.



                  Jim Beach    Corky Vereen    Bob Bell        Mike Conway    Alfred Hamilton    Frank Pierce   Ron Zima    Pete Chouinard

                  Dave Greer  Doyle Earles      Cary Hays     Rod Rawlings     Lee Potratz           Mike Newland  Dick Easterwood  

                  Walt Allen    Henry Winther   Chuck Bemis  Mike Baskin    Ezell Ware        George Bryant         Lloyd (Mike) Warren



                        As always not all the members were at the mini reunion when the group photo was taken, but most were.





                   Back Row Lee Potratz      Ron Zima   Henry Winther   Rod Rawlings    Mike Warren   Cary Hays   Corkey Vereen

                  Front Row                    Frank Pierce    Jim Beach     Bob Bell   Pete Chouinard   Dick Easterwood   Mike Baskin

                                                                                                More pictures of the Mini Reunion